Netflix MOD Apk Latest Version

Are you looking for the bug-free, virus less and safe MOD Version of working Netflix MOD? You are at one of the safest places for Netflix MOD then.

I am totally focused on providing value related to Netflix only. That is why this whole site is totally based on Netflix.

I was looking for the MOD Version of Netflix back a few months, and I found that most of the sites are putting non-safe links just for the sake of making some bucks. Some of them have so many redirects and all.

Netflix MOD Apk

Netflix MOD Apk
Netflix MOD Apk

I believe even if you are downloading MOD Version of anything, but that should not affect anything to your device. On top of that, your data security is the most essential thing which you might trade for if you are using an untrusted site.

That is why I have created this site, where you will get Netflix MOD version without any issues, Netflix cookies, Netflix accounts, and many more things related to Netflix only. 

I hope you are now confident enough to trust me. Anyways you got options. Read out the comments and notes on our site before anything if you have anything in your mind.

Let’s move ahead and talk a little bit about Netflix, and it’s MOD version. 

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an entertainment service that offers you thousands of shows, movies, and series of various genres all at your fingertips. That is on your device. All you need is to download the application and start watching your favorite show.

Of course, Netflix requires a subscription for you to access its content, which is exceptionally vast and diverse. 

One of the reasons why you are here is because of the pricing of the packages. They have taken it a bit higher than usual. Especially for Indians, monthly package charges are also more than what Indians can afford for an annual pack.

That is why Hotstar has become successful in India. Their pricing is perfect, according to the Indian budget. Netflix team should concern about this.

That is why torrenting and pirating things happen a lot. [Because of pricing and affordability

Everyone wants entertainment. But not everyone affords it, or not everyone likes to spend that much money on that. That is why you are here.

Most of it is immensely popular for years, and most possibly, you might have come across its “Popularity,” and that is why you’re here for the MOD version of it.

Getting your entertainment is not meant to be expensive or pricey for that matter of fact! Now Netflix deserves to charge it’s consumers because they put in so much work for bringing you the content.

On the other side, if you aren’t willing to spend that much money or don’t feel like you can afford it, I am here to the rescue. All you need to do is Download Netflix MOD Version. 

Plans/Pricing of Official Netflix App

Netflix has different plans ranging from ₹199[Mobile Plan] a month to ₹799[Premium Plan] a month, varying from the quality of content streaming you select. Furthermore, it depends on the country you are in that reflects on the prices too.

 There are plans four plans you can choose from.

  • Mobile
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

You can check out what the things you are going to get in each offer by looking at this picture below.

Netflix Plans
Netflix Plans

The core difference is the number of screens you can watch at the same time. If you have to use it for the whole family, then you will need to choose that according to your use.

Now here are some options for you 

  1. If you are a cost-effective person, you can go on with a basic plan on one device. Pay and get your entertainment for that amount and time.
  2. If you really care about having a fair share of entertainment in life, you can go for a standard or a premium plan and Get it all. High Quality and Great Experience.
  3. Download MOD Apk And Access Premium Quality Content FOR FREE. This the most cost-effective way to go for! Why Pay for it if I offer you for FREE.

All you have to do is, download the safe, secure MOD Version of Netflix from here and install it.

And there you have it, free access to Netflix Entertainment. 

What is Netflix for?

After a long tiring day when you get your nice chilled beer out of your fridge. What is a better thing to do than to watch a show/movie that refreshes you inside out? 

Or organizing a sweet Movie date with freshly baked cookies during the holidays.

Put on the blanket fort on Christmas eve and get your holiday spirit on. With my favorite Christmas movie.

Or just having a week-long holiday at your home binge-watching the entire season of your favorite shows.

Endless self-treating possibilities with a single source of entertainment. That is the use of Netflix.

Why Netflix?

(Other than being best amongst all and the most user-friendly)

There are many apps available out there that offer movies, shows, and whatnot. But Netflix has earned its place on the top because it provides the MOST User-Friendly services across the globe.

No Language Barriers, No Unwanted Ads, and favorably no useless interruptions.

In this cruel world, where most of the creators are living through plagiarism, Netflix offers you its original content as well as the most popular shows and series from over a decade old networks.

So either you want a change or get some Nostalgia! 

Netflix MOD is the Answer.

What’s Popular on Netflix?

Netflix owns rights to over 1000+ shows, 5000+ movies, hundreds of original shows, and documentaries to select from. 

No other streaming platform would offer such a broad spectrum of content other than Netflix.

Moreover, some shows and Netflix movies that are admired and idolized across the world.

If you were living in some other dimension of the world all this time, here is a list of shows and movies that broke all records and had fantastic ratings and reviews.

Free Netflix Accounts
BoJack Horseman
Stranger Things
Black Mirror
Orange Is the New Black
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
Black Panther
Indiana Jones And the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Marriage Stories
Always Be My Maybe
True Grit

Best Features of Netflix

Now there is a reason why “Netflix” an App preferred by people across the globe. Rather than sitting in front of A TV Set.

That reason is Netflix is far more convenient than a TV.

Here are some features of Netflix that you might like.

Consumer’s convenience

You have thousands of shows and hundreds of movies that you can watch whenever you want, wherever you want. Unlike 2002, when you waited for the entire day just for your show to come on channel 5.

Other than that, you can log in to one or more devices. Netflix Does Not Discriminate

No Language Barrier

From any part of the world, you can stream any show/movies of your choice in your preferred Language. Other than English too.

Dialect Worries Are Far Gone with the passing Decade. Thanks to Netflix.

Netflix knows its audience

Either you are a 5-year-old looking for your favorite superhero movie or a 50-year-old looking for a Denzel Washington Movie!

All you have to do is, Search it on Netflix.

From “Friends” to “Stranger Things,” Netflix has got your entertainment right on your devices, in your hands.  

Ads Free

You are not going to get interrupted by unwanted ads in between your show. You will not see any type of advertising on Netflix at all.

That is one of the reasons why they are charging you a bit higher.

Unlimited Users

This is actually the feature of MOD Version, which I am going to provide you. 

You are not limited to use it for yourself only. You can always share this apk with anyone you want, and use is unlimited.

HD Quality

Netflix is already popular for the quality of pictures. You are going to get top-notch quality videos in this apk.

Just stop worrying about quality. It’s awesome.

No Buffering

If you have a stable network connection, then you are not going to get any buffering.

You will enjoy your shows smoothly without any buffering or waiting.

Just make sure your connection is excellent.

Less Size Of Apk

You will not need to remove any app or anything from your device to free up space. 

20MB-25MB of space is more than enough to enjoy everything at all.


This is what I am talking about from me. If you are getting any issues at all, you can ask me for help.

I would love to connect and help you out watch your favorite shows.

Netflix MOD version

Netflix MOD is the Modified Version of the actual and official App Netflix. Which allows you to stream all the movies and shows for FREE.

Not everyone desiring Netflix has to pay for it. You can always rely on the MOD version. A Free and The Latest one. 

What do you get in the MOD version?

Here you are searching for the MOD version to get free access to Netflix, and that’s what we are offering.

Everything For FREE, without purchasing it with actual money. Because entertainment is supposed to be free! 

And we care about our valuable users! So here’s thank you for visiting our page! Take Back a FREE Netflix.

How to download the MOD version?

It is no brainer work, just a little fingertip click on the download link of Netflix MOD Apk, and you will be directed to the download page.

And after you finish downloading the installation and you are All Set!

Go Watch whatever you wish to!

Wait! Here is the step by step guide to download the app and use it.

  • Step 1: Go to the Download Link.
  • Step 2: Save wherever you want the apk version in your device.
  • Step 3: Go to that folder where you have saved that apk.
  • Step 4: Open that apk file and click on Install.
  • Step 5: It will start installing the apk version using whichever app installed you have in your device. [Almost every time the installer comes prebuilt in your device. Still, if you get any issue at this step, do let me know, I will help you out.]
  • Step 6: Once installed successfully, click Done.
  • Step 7: Start the application now.
  • Step 8: You will be taken to the home screen where you will see the list of all the shows you want. You can scroll and look for you, or you can just search it using the search icon.
  • Step 9: You will be asked for the desired player to start watching. According to your network connection, choose anyone which will not trouble you in streaming.
  • Step 10: Take some popcorns or snacks, sit relaxed, and enjoy the show.

And if you cannot choose one! You can always opt for Friends!!

And don’t forget Ross And Rachel were on a break!!!!

Things to watch out for before downloading 

 Now before you get all worked up with the Netflix MOD, take a peek for safety, Beware of Virus, and Malware that you are downloading if you don’t pay attention.

You are not going to need any check before if you are downloading it from here. 

If you get any issues at all while installing or after installing the apk, you can always contact me, and I will always be willing to help you out.

With that, I would love to tell you about the giveaway which I arrange on my site. You can get info about it from here: Netflix Giveaway.

If you are interested in staying connected to us with the latest updates related to Netflix, then you can join us on the Telegram Group[Where we don’t spam. Only Netflix Account thing.] 

Some Suggestions

And just to get you worked up! Here is a little Suggestion List, that has some remarkable shows and movies other than the ones mentioned above. 

  1. Happy Valley
  2. Five came Back
  3. Love Sick
  4. Dear White People
  5. Ugly Delicious
  6. Master of None
  7. Tuca and Bertie
  8. Lost in Space
  9. Breaking Bad
  10. The Money Heist
  11. Rick And Morty
  12. Brooklyn 99


So on the endnote, Netflix MOD Apk might be the best Free Entertainment thing happening to you this Decade. If you cannot pay for it, no big deal. And with so many shows to watch from, you will surely be hooked to it. So don’t wait for anything else, and certainly don’t pay for your share of entertainment. Get Netflix MOD now!