20 Premium Netflix Cookies May 2020 [Hourly Updated]

So are you looking for Netflix premium cookies to enjoy Netflix for free? If that’s true, then you are in the right place.

Because in this article, we will provide 20 Netflix cookies for free.

By genuine, I mean to say that most of the sites provide you fake cookies, and you end up wasting your precious time, and you might be one who came here after being cheated by them.

Don’t worry; we are not going to do that because our visitors are the most important for us.

Even we made extra efforts by providing additional cookies, which we will update daily and hourly.

I will request you to read this whole article, and I am damn sure that you will get a perfectly working Netflix cookie or some way to get that till the end of this article.

Netflix Cookies 2020

Netflix Premium Cookies 2020

Well let me introduce Netflix to you, I know it’s not needed but still for those who are unaware of it and its name.

Netflix is the world’s most popular online streaming service where you can watch your favourite shows, movies, series, documentaries anytime, anywhere.

Do you know that Netflix has 139 million subscribers? Yes, I am not kidding; google it. I know that you might be in a shock after hearing this, but this is true.

Now there might be a reason why such a massive amount of people use Netflix and why they are crazy for it? It’s just because of their fantastic content.

You will understand why am I saying this after trying Netflix for once.

If you just want to taste Netflix, then they provide a 1-month free subscription, and it’s 100% legit since Netflix offers that.

We are soon going to publish an article on that topic, till then stay tuned.

Now, the main problem with Netflix is its high pricing. Its plan starts at 8.99$ per month and ends at 15.99$ per month, which is a very high price for a lot of people.

If you are the person who can’t afford Netflix but still badly wants to use it, then don’t worry at all my friend, I have a perfect solution for you, and that is cookies.

By using the cookies provided by us in this article, you will be able to use Netflix without any email and password.

Many people are unfamiliar with cookies, so they directly want Netflix free accounts with passwords, and if you are one of them, then you can check our article on that.

There we have also provided daily updated Netflix accounts for entirely free.

What are Netflix Cookies and How it works?

First of all, before using Netflix cookies, you should know about it. I guess most of you don’t know about it because this is quite a technical topic.

Don’t worry, let me explain it to you in a simple language.

So first let’s understand about browser cookies, actually, when we visit sites, some data is obtained, and our browser saves it in the form of a text file.

And we call that text file as cookies, and I am damn sure that you might have seen a clear cookies option in chrome because chrome saves that.

So basically, when we add our login details like email and password on Netflix, that data of login details get saved in our Netflix cookies.

Now what we do is that we use an extension called editthiscookie, which helps us to export cookies.

When someone imports that Netflix cookie in his/her browser using some tools like edit this cookie then they automatically get logged in, isn’t this magic? It happens because that cookie has login data of Netflix.

The best part of Netflix cookies is that you don’t need any username and password, and it’s good for us too because when we directly share accounts, people change the password of it.

After that, it becomes hard for us to share new accounts again since Netflix is not cheap, and our budget is limited too.

But here this will not happen since we are not giving you a password, and to change the password, you need a current password, so that’s why.

Still, there is one vulnerability of this, if any person to which we shared cookies, logs out of the account, then the whole cookies will get expired.

But it’s not a big deal since we are not losing accounts from our hand, we can provide you cookies again by updating it, isn’t it simple?

Netflix Premium Cookies May 2020

So in this part where we are going to share 10 Netflix cookies with all of you. Just after this part, we will share 10 more additional updated cookies.

If these cookies don’t work then someone has logged out, and as we said if someone logs out, the whole cookies get expired.

Daily updated Netflix Cookies

This is an essential part of our article because here we will share 10 daily updated Netflix cookies which has a better chance of working.

And the best part is that we will update these cookies daily at 10 PM IST(Indian Time) or 11:30 AM EST(USA Time).

Suppose if these cookies expire due to the log out of some people, then no need to worry, we will again share them the next day at the same time.

So basically you can come to our site at that time and can enjoy Netflix for 1-2 hrs daily until the cookies don’t get expired.

I guess this much of time is more than enough for you to enjoy Netflix daily. Still, you can try other cookies if one gets expired to increase your time with Netflix.

Cookies Updated on – 1 May 2020   

Cookies ListDownload Link
Netflix Cookie #1Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #2Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #3Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #4Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #5Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #6Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #7Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #8Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #9Click here to download
Netflix Cookie #10Click here to download

If sometimes we forget to update these cookies, then please comment in the comment section, we will try to update it as soon as possible.

Some Instructions
1) Never log out from the account, it will expire the cookie, so you and others will not be able to use it until we update, it’s a request from us to let the others enjoy Netflix.

2) Don’t change the default language from English. I can understand that some of you might be unfamiliar with English. But, it’s not your personal account, and the majority of people are comfortable with English.

3) If one Netflix cookie expires then don’t worry since it’s normal considering the amount of traffic we get, so always make sure to try other cookies before commenting for an update.

Buy Premium Cookies from Us

I know this is so hectic to come again and again daily, and then the cookies will expire, and you have to change it and try others.

And if sometimes your luck is bad then you will get nothing.

But we have a perfect method to solve it, what we are going to do is that we have some accounts. We will only use them to share in the form of cookies.

We will give those cookies to only 3-5 people, so there is no change of log out, and we will give it for a very cheap price like 1$/mo. 

Isn’t this a perfect solution? I guess that 1$ is the price which anyone can afford

And let me tell you that we will give you the cookies of the most expensive premium plan of Netflix which costs 15.99$/mo.

Netflix Premium Giveaway and Updated accounts

We are doing a giveaway of Netflix accounts and also sharing accounts, which we will update daily.

So if you want to participate in the giveaway and want to grab daily updated Netflix accounts, click on the button below to go to our article.

How to use Netflix Cookies on PC?

Now you got cookies, very well but it is of no use until you don’t know how to use it properly.

Don’t worry because we are going to tell you about the whole process of using it.

This is a very nice and short video from Gyanvardaan. You can check it to learn the whole process of using Netflix cookies on pc.


1) Add a chrome extension edit this cookie in your chrome browser. It will help you to import the cookies easily. The link to download it is shared below.

2) Go to the Netflix official website and click on the edit this cookie icon, after that click on the delete button, which will delete your current cookies. And then click on the import button.

Steps to use Netflix Cookies

3) Now paste the cookie which we have given to you, after pasting it click on the tick and then refresh the page.

How to use Netflix Premium Cookies

4) After Refreshing the page, big magic will happen, you will be redirected to Netflix user section, means you successfully entered Netflix without any account.

How to use Netflix Cookies on Mobile?

Using Netflix cookies on mobile is quite hard since there is almost no browser which supports extension on mobile.

But there is one browser Yandex which supports extension even on mobile, isn’t it amazing?, you just have to do a little bit extra hard work but its completely worth it to get Netflix.

You can watch this video from What u Want channel to easily understand the whole process of using Netflix cookies on mobile.

He took an example of Prime videos. Avoid that, do the same work on Netflix with our cookies.


1) Download Yandex browser from play store or from the button given below.

2) After downloading Yandex on chrome, search Editthiscookie chrome extension and add it, you can also download it by clicking on the button given below.

3) Now everything is same like we did in the pc part, go to the Netflix official website, and then click on three dot (:) which you will find on the bottom right corner of the browser.

4) Click on extension after that, then the editthiscookie icon will appear, click on that and then import the cookie, you will be successfully logged in to the Netflix.


How to use Netflix cookies on Mobile

Now go and enjoy your favourite Netflix. Make sure to give us some positive feedback before going to the Netflix world.


In this section, we will try to clear all the doubts related to the Netflix Cookies, which we found on the web and which you guys asked from us.

This section will try to answer your most frequently asked questions or common questions, still, if you have doubt, then the comments section is open for you.

Is it safe to use Netflix Cookies?

There is no exact answer to this question, first of all, cookies can’t be that harmful like your files with malware.

But still, cookies can be a danger to your privacy if you used it from a bad source.

Now we don’t know about others, but we can assure you that our Netflix cookies are 100% safe, so you don’t need to worry at all.

And one more thing, no matter from where you take cookies, make sure that site or source is trusted. Otherwise, you will end up with some privacy issues.

Are these Netflix accounts personal?

Not at all, the cookies shared here is used by different people, so the account of Netflix, which you will get through our cookies is not personal.

It might not be a big issue for so many people, but still, you have to compromise a little bit in Free.

Do we have to pay for these cookies?

No, you don’t have to pay us a single penny to use the cookies provided in this article, you just go, download, copy and then enjoy the Netflix.

Yes if you want to buy premium Netflix cookies from us where you will face no issue of expiration, then for that you just have to pay 1$, that’s it.

How to clear Netflix Cookies?

First of all, let me tell you that clearing cache and the cookie is a very good practice because it slows down your system.

You can delete that by going in Chrome settings >>> Advanced settings >>> Clear browsing data >>> Select cookies and other site data >>> Click on clear data button.

If you just want to remove the cookies generated by Netflix, then you can do it by clicking here.

If you want to use Netflix without any tension of accounts and cookies, then you can also try our Netflix MOD APK.

Click on the button below to go to our Netflix MOD Apk article.


I hope that you liked this article and found a working Netflix Premium Cookie.

At least I made a best-effort from my side to provide you that, still if you don’t get it, then don’t worry, come again tomorrow, you might find one.

And because of such a huge number of traffic, it’s a little bit hard to get a working cookie, so we have also suggested some ways to get that, please try them once.

If you want to request us for anything like an update of cookies then don’t hesitate at all, we are always there to help you.