100% Working Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords [May 2020]

Are you looking for a free Netflix account and struggling to find it from one site to another but still unable to get it then you are in the right place, most of the site fool you and wastes your time by giving fake accounts and methods, but we are not going to do that.

We will genuinely provide you 5 Netflix accounts for free daily at a specific time so you can come to our site at that time and can grab your personal Netflix account. We will also provide a massive number of 50 free Netflix accounts with passwords.

We also have a very big surprise for you in between the article, which you will surely love. So make sure to read our article till the end, and you will surely find a perfect solution to get a Netflix account.

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Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords

What is Netflix, and why people are crazy about it?

Netflix is the best online streaming site where you can watch movies, shows,  web series, documentaries, and many entertainment stuff. Once upon a time, Netflix just used to show the content produced by others.

But now they started producing their own web series and shows, which are truly fantastic, and it really gives you the real taste of entertainment.

The web series and other contents produced by Netflix are exclusively available on Netflix. That’s where Netflix beats all of its other online streaming competitors like Amazon Prime Videos and Hulu.

Because they are nothing in front of Netflix when it comes to creating their own unique content with the quality, at this time, Netflix is almost unbeatable in this part.

Everyone wants to have Netflix because of their fantastic content, which is best for entertainment purposes and who doesn’t love entertainment in free time and holidays.

The joy of entertainment gets double when you get content from a platform like Netflix. I am sure that your mouth must have become watery after hearing all of this.

The main problem with Netflix is its high pricing, which they truly deserve considering their content. Still, most people can’t afford it, or they are smart enough and don’t want to pay such a high price for entertainment service, but they too badly want to have Netflix.

So ultimately, they start searching on the internet for Free Netflix Accounts, and I am sure that most probably you came here by the same method.

Netflix Premium Account Plans and Pricing

We talked about the high price of Netflix plans, now let’s have a look at it because, without the plans and pricing part, it doesn’t make any sense to talk about Netflix.

Netflix Premium Accounts Plan

So these are the monthly plans of Netflix, only basic plans seem quite affordable with the price of $8.99/mo to some extent.

Still, it lacks many essential features such as the Ultra HD or 4k quality, forget about 4k, it doesn’t even allow you to watch on HD quality, which is the basic requirement of all of us, at least I can never compromise with the video quality.

It has the limitation of one screen only, which means that you can watch a show on one device only at the same time, which is really bad for those who share their accounts with friends and families.

I guess the basic plan is still not affordable for most of the people reading this article.

The standard plan seems quite stable and good with some important features like it supports HD quality and allows you to watch on 2 screens simultaneously at the same time, but again, it’s not even close to affordable with the price of $12.99/mo. Forget about premium because it’s the most expensive.

But do you know what is the best part of our article? We will give you the account of the premium plan, which costs 15.99$/mo.

Note – Netflix has a different price for every country, so the price we mentioned here couldn’t match yours, depending on your country. So make sure to visit the plans page of Netflix to see the pricing of your country.

Features of Netflix Premium Account

Now let’s talk about some special features of Netflix premium plan which you are going to get from our site.

HD/Ultra HD

Netflix Accounts for Free

This is the only plan of Netflix where you exclusively get the feature to watch shows on 4k or Ultra HD quality.

This feature is only beneficial for you if you have a display that supports 4k, and a good internet connection since streaming on 4k at least requires the minimum speed of 25 Mbps.

You can also watch shows on HD quality, so this plan doesn’t compromise with the resolution at all. Obviously, who loves watching shows on the low resolution?

4 Screen

Netflix premium accounts for free

Netflix has a restriction on the number of screens with which you can watch Netflix at the same time because some people actually resell or share their accounts with so many people, and to prevent this abuse, they put this hold.

But you are quite lucky since the premium plan which we are offering supports 4 screens which means that you can watch the shows on 4 devices at the same time, which is useful if you want to share your account with friends and family.

It also ensures that more people can enjoy the Netflix account, which we have provided in this article.

Create your own profile

Netflix Free Accounts
The biggest problem with sharing your Netflix account is that it mixes the show’s recommendation that Netflix gives you after checking your likings based on the types of shows you watch.

To solve this problem, Netflix gives you the option to create up to 5 profile which will ensure that user with each profile gets their own personal Netflix experience.


There are so many people who don’t even have a decent internet connection to handle online streaming at a considerable resolution.

The best part of Netflix is that it allows you to download the shows in its every plan, so you can download your favorite show and enjoy it later whenever you like.

Free for the first month

Free Netflix Premium

Netflix provides its subscription free for the first month, so the people can get the taste of Netflix and then buy if they like it.

To get a free subscription, you need to create a new account with a new email address, and you also need to add your card, which you have never used before on Netflix. They will use that card to renew your plan after the free trial ends.

If you don’t want to pay after the free trial period ends, then you have to cancel your subscription before one or two days of expiration.

Is it legal to share a Netflix premium account?

It’s the time when we are going to share Free Netflix premium accounts with all of you, and you might be thinking that is it legally safe to use these accounts?

And it’s our responsibility to clear such a big doubt because no one wants to go under the legal process just for getting free accounts.

Now, it completely depends on how you define it, but according to me, you are getting Netflix accounts from our site, you are not doing any illegal things such as cracking and all.

So you don’t have to worry or even think about it, just chill and enjoy the account which we are going to provide.

5 Daily Free Netflix Accounts

This is the most important part of our article since, in this part, we are going to provide 5 free Netflix accounts, which we will update daily.

We will update all the accounts daily at 9 PM IST(Indian Time) or 10:30 AM EST(USA Time).

The daily update ensures that these accounts have the maximum probability of working at the time when we update them.

So you can come to our site at the time when we update these accounts, and you can simply grab one by changing the password and congratulations, you just got one personal Netflix account for free.

May 1, 2020, Netflix Free Accounts
So below are the 5 free Netflix Accounts, you can get the password of all of them by clicking on the button below, there you will find a text file which contains the password for these accounts.

Accounts updated on– May 1, 2020

(Request for the update in the comment section in case if we forget it sometimes)

1. Email – [email protected]

2.Email – [email protected]

3. Email – [email protected]

4. Email – [email protected]

5. Email – [email protected]

If the accounts are not working, then someone has already changed the password before you, no need to worry, come again tomorrow at the time when we update, you will surely get an account.

Our Daily Giveaway(Surprise)

So this is the surprise part, in which we will give you the personal Netflix account for free, which has a 100% chance of working, and you don’t have to do any hard work to get it except doing some very simple tasks.

We decided to do this Giveaway of Netflix premium accounts as there is a very high demand for it among our visitors, and it’s good for us too as it allows us to create engagement with you guys.

We will announce the winners of the giveaway daily at 9 PM IST(Indian Time) or 10:30 AM EST(USA Time), so make sure to visit our page at that time to see the results.

You can also join our telegram channel to get notification about the giveaway, and we have some amazing things for you guys in our telegram channel, which we will discuss after this part.

Participate in our daily Netflix giveaway

So for what are you waiting? It’s the time to participate in our giveaway now, and just take your free Netflix account of the premium plan for completely free.

Netflix Premium Accounts Giveaway
How to participate in the Giveaway?

1. First of all, make sure to log in with any of the methods, which we have provided like email, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and many more. It will help us to contact you once you win the Giveaway.

2. Complete all the tasks as we designed them in a very easy manner so that the time and efforts of our visitors will not be wasted

3. Make sure to finish the daily entries because it’s a golden chance for you; it will take your entries to a much higher level and will give you an edge over others. It will only take 2 minutes a day.

Note– Make sure to contact us within 1 week of winning the giveaway. Otherwise, we will not give your account. You can contact us on our email [email protected] and telegram channel.

Buy at the lowest price from us

If you want to buy Netflix or any other accounts at the cheapest rate, then make sure to join our telegram channel.

Join our Telegram Channel

Benefits you will get:

Netflix premium plan account with a password for 2$(shared) and 3$(completely personal).

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Weekly Giveaway of accounts and their updates

Is it safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy from us. Let me tell you how.

We accept the payment through PayPal, which gives you the option of dispute if in case any fraud happens with you.

If you are still very serious, then you can ask us for a trial, we will give you an account to test for some time.

Obviously, we are working on a site, and if we are a fraud, then we would have never offered the first two things.

How are we able to give such expensive accounts for cheap?

I am damn sure that you might be thinking about it, it’s okay because it’s a question which most of the people will get.

In reality, we too use tricks, but sorry guys, we are unable to tell you those tricks. We can ensure that it will surely work. You just chill and enjoy the Netflix at the cheapest rate.

50 Free Netflix Accounts with Passwords

In this part, we are going to give you a massive amount of free Netflix accounts with passwords. We are providing too many accounts to ensure that some of the accounts are working, so make sure to try them, who knows, you may find a working account.

We will not update these accounts frequently since it’s not possible for us and our budget to update such a massive amount of accounts. Still, we will try our best to update it sometimes. so if you want regularly updated accounts, then go to the Daily accounts section of this article.

20 Free Netflix Accounts More
We have just provided 30 free Netflix accounts here, click on the button below to get 20 Netflix accounts more.

Click here to get 20 Accounts

All the accounts which we have provided in this article are based on a monthly plan, and after that, you will have to renew, Now it’s up to you, whether you want to renew it or not.

Don’t get fooled by those sites which claim to give you yearly subscription since Netflix has no concept of yearly subscription; they just provide a monthly subscription.

We can’t assure you that these accounts are working since they are not frequently updated, and people change the password of it.

So please guys, don’t comment in the comment section that these are the fake accounts because it actually hurts after such hard work.

Instead of that, you can positively ask us to update it in the comment section, and we will try our best to update it.

Also, please avoid changing the password of these accounts, we allowed you to do that in the daily updated accounts but don’t do that here since it’s not frequently updated.

By not changing the password, you will allow others to use and enjoy Netflix.

More Ways to get Free Netflix Premium accounts

This part will give you some ideas to get Netflix accounts at the best possible way if you are not able to find it in our article due to the rush of so many people.

Buy from us

This is the best possible way to get a Netflix account. As we already discussed in the earlier part of this article that if you buy Netflix premium account from us, then you will get it at the lowest price.

I guess everyone can afford such a low price, and if you can afford then, please save yourself and your time from the rush of finding free Netflix accounts between so many people and just enjoy after buying from us

So for what are you waiting, join our telegram channel and contact us regarding the Netflix premium accounts. And as we said, it’s safe.

Cookies Method

This is quite a good method to get Netflix premium accounts for free, and this method is beneficial for both the user and the site like us because, in this method, there is no chance of password change.

We just have to give cookies of a particular account, and then users can access the account through it.

So on the request of our viewers, we have added an article on Netflix premium cookies.

 Buy mobile plan (India only)

If you are from India, then you are quite lucky because Netflix has a special mobile plan for India, which costs only 199 INR per month or 2.99$ USD per month.

But again, it’s Netflix, which is a premium thing, so you are not that lucky here, let me tell you how.

Netflix mobile plan has a lot of restrictions like as the name sounds; you can’t watch shows on any device except mobile, it has a limitation of 1 screen only, which is big trouble if you share your account.

The worst part of this plan is it only allows you to watch shows on 480P, which is a very low-level resolution for most of the people.

I guess it’s much better to buy a premium plan account from us than buying this plan with a lot of restrictions, and our price of Netflix is even lower than this.

But still, if you are the one who is okay with watching Netflix on mobile only if you can adjust with 480p and 1 screen, then you can go with this plan.

Sharing is caring

We are listening sharing is caring since our childhood and trust me; it is really beneficial to get Netflix for cheap, let me tell you how.

Let’s take an example, the price of the premium plan of Netflix is 15.99$ USD, and it allows 4 screens.

So, you can buy the premium plan in the group of 4 and ask everyone to give 4$, and after that ask them to use 1 screen only to avoid the collision

By using this, you just got a premium plan for 4$, you can do that with other plans too, just make sure to prevent screen collision at the same time, and for that, do this with few people and make sure that they are trusted.


If nothing is actually working for you, then you can try Netflix mod apk on your mobile, which will allow you to use Netflix without worrying about any accounts and passwords.

The only downside is that you can use apk on your smartphone only, but still, you will get something, and as we know, something is better than nothing.

While downloading mod apk, make sure that they are safe because many come with malware. We don’t know about others, but we will give you a 100% safe mod apk.

We are going to write an article on Netflix Mod APK soon, and after that, you will get the link to that article here.


So we hope that you got a free Netflix account, if not then we also provided so many ways to get it, try them at least once, and still, if you aren’t able to find it, then don’t be sad, come daily to grab daily updated accounts.

At least, we tried the best from our end to provide you with Netflix free accounts or gave some ideas to get that. So we expect some positive reviews from your end.

If you have any questions, or if you want to request us to update the accounts, then please don’t hesitate. We will surely try our best to do your task.

You can even ask us to give some personal accounts for free, we will surely try depending on our stocks, but we highly recommend you to buy it for cheap from us to support us.